All courses are implemented based on published research studies on best teaching methods practices following the core principles of STEM* Education (active learning, assessment and diversity). Fostering diversity, community building, and peer learning are some of the tools to train creative and independent leaders.

*STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Career Development

  • Personal assessment
  • Career Strategy Program
  • Networking & interview
  • CV & cover letter workshops
  • Employer information sessions
  • Mentorship program
  • Scientific writing  
  • Entering Research workshops

Education: Scientific Teaching Program

At the end of this program researchers will be able to create an inclusive classroom, design assessment tools that gauge learning, and be able to choose the best teaching methods based on evidence. Additionally, scientists will create a network of teaching colleagues grouped around problem solving and peer review.

Scientific Courses 

  • Genes & Development
  • in vivo techniques, best model for your research

Event Organization

  • Team building Activities
  • Science Communication: Creative ways to communicate science


Tailoring specific solutions to specific challenges

  • Universities
  • Research Institutes
  • Companies
  • one-on-one consulting