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Filipa P. Moraes
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by Inês Torcato on Filipa P. Moraes

It was a great pleasure to participate in Filipa Moraes' Career Strategy Program at IGC. Although I was already looking for a non-academic career when I started the program, I now feel more prepared and secure in my choice. I learned a lot about different career paths and on how to prepare for them. Also, the networking events were reassuring, as people that changed paths didn't always follow a direct "line" as well. And above all, Filipa's energy is contagious and made me put my best foot forward!

by Miguel on Filipa P. Moraes

A really mind-opening program! You will come out more prepared for the future.

by Catarina Gaspar on Filipa P. Moraes

This career strategy programme is extremely useful for all scientific researchers, but especially for PhD students, as I believe it is very important to think about career paths at this stage. I would highly recommend this programme for people questioning their career paths, but also to others who feel very set on one path, as one gets a lot of important information and feedback on career strategy.

by Carolina Pereira on Filipa P. Moraes

I am very please I got the chance to participate in the Career Strategy Programme given by Filipa Moraes at the IGC. I am a 1st year PhD student that though it was too early to be part of a program like this, I changed my mind after listening to Filipa's introduction to the programme. It was very helpful to understand which are the post-academic careers and to behave in order to follow them. Thank you Filipa for having a programme like this!

by Susana A M Varela on Filipa P. Moraes

It was a privilege to participate in the Career Strategy Programme that Filipa Moraes gave at IGC. I received invaluable information on how to move from an academic to an alternative career and learned to identify my main interests. Most importantly, I learned that even if I wish to stay in academia, I should invest in an alternative path, as both can be complementary, the experience can be even more enriching and is much safer.

by Temitope Akhigbe Etibor on Filipa P. Moraes

Through the Ciencia Clara program, I was exposed to many unknown opportunities outside academia where my skills as a PhD are highly appreciated and sought after. I was able to map out careers which were well suited with my core skills and values, and learnt how to create useful connections through networking for career exploration. Importantly, I also learned how to tailor the skills and experiences gained as a PhD student into an eye-catching LinkedIn profile and a standout resume.

by Márcia Santos on Filipa P. Moraes

Over the past weeks working with Filipa Moraes, in the Ciencia Clara Programme, I was able to focus on diferent aspects of a carreer programme, that were beyond what I expected. All the programme gave me tools to understand how the research market changed, and all the jobs out there a PhD can seak. All the tools were very important to secure several job interviews. I highly recommend this programme to those in pursuit of new opportunities.

by Ana on Filipa P. Moraes

Filipa and her Ciencia Clara programme really helped open my eyes and perspective towards the job market after science. Our sessions were full of tools and tips to guide me in the next step of my life! I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't know how to approach the daunting prospect of changing careers. Filipa is a kind, helpful, optimistic person and you will learn a lot from her!

by Ana Cecília on Filipa P. Moraes

I met Filipa several years ago, when we were both doing our PhD studies. When she came back from States, and created Ciência Clara, I was very impressed with her skills in analyzing people profile and giving valuable suggestions on their career and future perspectives. Recently, I had the chance to receive her help while I was looking for a job in the pharma industry. She helped me with my Linkedin profile, CV structure and also the preparation of job applications. I certainly recommend to anyone that wants to get a job to contact her and discuss skills/capacities with Filipa to identify the best options for the future and how to get there. Filipa is passionate about what she does, gets really involved, transmitting a lot of motivation and confidence. Thanks Filipa for all your help!

by Ana Rita Cavaco on Filipa P. Moraes

This career strategy programme helped me to understand what may be the best options for my future and which may be the next steps to take.

Thank you very much!

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