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Filipa P. Moraes
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by Ana Ceia Hasse on Filipa P. Moraes

I took the Career Strategy Programme, and as I started it immediately improved my view on the job I had at the time. Then, it helped me surpass obstacles and gave me new tools and confidence to search for what I want without (much) compromise. Filipa is amazing and I recommend Ciência Clara!

by Sara on Filipa P. Moraes

I strongly recommend the course if you are new to job hunting. I have gained extremely good notions on how to improve my network which has paid off. It has also helped me a lot in understanding and defining the career paths that are a good fit for my interests and values.

by Rita on Filipa P. Moraes

I took the Career Development Program — with Filipa's help I was able to understand were I stand in my career and access my options, personal priorities and goals. I highly recommend this program.

by Silvia on Filipa P. Moraes

I had the opportunity to attend Filipa's seminar about Career planning using networking strategies and LinkedIn profile. Her feedback on the LinkedIn profile was invaluable, and her professional but personable explanation of the steps to get some career clarity was perfect. I definitely recommend it!

by Camilla on Filipa P. Moraes

I strongly recommend the course! Extremely precious advices to improve your LinkedIn profile and your network. Particularly interesting if you are still planning your future carrier.

by Anusha on Filipa P. Moraes

I had an opportunity to attend Filipa's webinar on Career Planning. I found it genuinely useful, specially for professionals in their early career. I received great advice to improve my LinkedIn profile and networking. I highly recommend the program.

by Luna on Filipa P. Moraes

Highly recommended! Very useful advices for people who are in search or will have to search for a job in the near future.

by Maha Abdallah on Filipa P. Moraes

I had the chance to attend the webinar of Filipa P. Moraes on Career planning. It was highly useful to help in the guidance of the career path, how to network and find the target jobs and how to build a strong LinkedIn profile and resume. I was able to get a clear overview of the different fields that could be considered as alternatives to the academic career, based on different interests and skills. I learnt a lot from Filipa and I highly recommend the program for career planning and orientation.

by Inês Torcato on Filipa P. Moraes

It was a great pleasure to participate in Filipa Moraes' Career Strategy Program at IGC. Although I was already looking for a non-academic career when I started the program, I now feel more prepared and secure in my choice. I learned a lot about different career paths and on how to prepare for them. Also, the networking events were reassuring, as people that changed paths didn't always follow a direct "line" as well. And above all, Filipa's energy is contagious and made me put my best foot forward!

by Miguel on Filipa P. Moraes

A really mind-opening program! You will come out more prepared for the future.

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