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Workshop de Gestão de Carreira para Cientistas.

O que fazer depois do PhD?

Avaliação pessoal e exploração de carreiras compatíveis com o nosso perfil profissional



  1. Doutorandos e pós-docs de todas as áreas STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  2. Coordenadores e Diretores de Programas Doutorais e de Programas de Mestrado.
  3. Empresas Farmacêuticas/BioTech que procurem desenvolver as competências (soft skills) dos seus trabalhadores.


  1. Como fazer um plano de carreira.
  2. Possíveis carreiras a considerar após o Mestrado /Doutoramento/Pós-Doutoramento
  3. Avaliação de competências e ramos de interesse.

Quando:  12 de Outubro 2016

Onde: Sala de formação do Tec Labs – Centro de Inovação

Duração: Manhã, das 9h30-12h

Preço: 20€

Inscrição até 11 de Outubro aqui.


WORKSHOP Career planning for Scientists.

What to do after your PhD?

Personal skills and values assessment; match with different career paths.




Master, PhD students & Post/doctoral Researchers in STEM Research (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic)

Coordinators of Masters and Doctoral Training programs

Biotech/Pharmaceutical Companies who want to provide soft skills training to their collaborators.



PhD students, Postdocs and staff scientists will actively learn more about their individual strengths, values and interests and they will be more knowledgeable about the job market and potential jobs to consider.


When:  October, 12th

Where: Tec Labs – Innovation Centre training room

Duration: Morning, 9h30-12h

Price: 20€

Registration until 11th October,  please register here.


Please contact Filipa at to get more information about this workshop or related topics.


Our Career Development Program:

After all the years working in Academia and after many conversations with students and postdoctoral trainees I realized how difficult it is to build a supportive network and how hard it is to plan your next career move.

We will launch a 10 weekly sessions Career Development Program for PhD students, Postdocs and Staff Scientists.

In this program:

  • You will actively learn more about your individual strengths, values and interests.

  • You will obtain information about a variety of career paths.

  • You will be integrated in a supportive environment for self and career exploration with the members of your group.

In today’s fast-changing world, one’s career path does not follow a straight trajectory and planning your career is a process that takes time to process and think carefully. That is why this program is organised in 10 weekly sessions, 2h/session. Heightening your awareness of your professional identity will not only help you better define your “best fit” career path(s), but also enable you to make deliberate choices that will better prepare you for a fulfilling future career.


Please contact Filipa at to get more information about this program or related topics.