Posted by Filipa on 19, May 2016

Why Ciência Clara?



“Ciência Clara”means “Clear Science” in Portuguese. I wanted to put together the word “Science” with the idea of lightness, transparency and smoothness.




Why? After all the years working in Academia and after many conversations with students and colleagues, I realized we all shared similar struggles, such as planning the next career move, writing a final dissertation, or even creating a good mentoring network.

I really enjoyed building supportive communities with colleagues and with my students, as a result I decided to get training in Teaching, Mentoring, Career Strategy  (Yale University, USA) and Coaching (Academy of Coaching Excellence, USA) while finishing my Post-doc at Yale University.

In 2015, I moved back to Portugal to develop this work in my country. At the time this was just a dream, but now it is a joy to see it growing. Credits to Ziddini who designed a beautiful lettering for Ciência Clara.

Ciência Clara training programs give you tools to smooth up the bumpy road of academia, whether you need help finding the right path for your career or you just want to improve your transferable skills.

Stay tuned with our blog, there will be more updates soon.

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